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Advertising Job Guide

The advertising industry offers a very lucrative career if one knows where to look and how to start looking. With the fast and rapid growth of the internet, advertising has benefited very much due to this boom. This is because the industry has been able to capitalize on more opportunities particularly in the digital marketing and advertising scenario.

A fresh graduate will be able to find jobs in various segments of advertising where it is often regarded as a glamorous and exquisite industry. The most common jobs that one could work in are those in the account servicing segment. Normally known as Account Executives, they are basically managers of accounts for a particular firm. They are the link between the agency with the clients where they are involved in all the areas of planning, implementation, managing and all related services to deliver what the client one to the mass market.

Media Planning Position

Alternatively, one could also work in the media planning segment where they are known as the experts in what media to use which could maximize the impact of a particular campaign. The planners are those who would use the budget allocated to them to work with media owners like television and radio stations, newspaper publishers and such. Media planners would usually be involved with the booking of spaces and spots in the media according to the requirements of the clients.

Creative Director

For the designers and innovators, the Creative departments offer very interesting opportunities for them to showcase their talents and skills. This is where one is involved with the designing and conceptualization of a campaign from the initial planning until the execution stages. One would usually be trained in the arts as well as in related techniques like film and broadcasting, video production and poster printing respectively.

The modern advertising firm would also involve new and contemporary methods of advertising which involves the likes of digital media and mobile marketing. Here is where experts are employed to offer strategic and planning methods to fully utilize the advantages of these channels. On top of that there are also Research and Development jobs where one is required to provide analysis and strategic planning services.

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