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Account Manager Jobs in Malaysia

Reports to: Director of Sales and Marketing

Main Function: You will be the main liaison of the company in dealing with one or more corporate accounts. As the Account Manager, you will be expected to ensure a good working relationship with the corporate client thereby ensuring sound business dealings in both the short and long term. You will work closely with the sales and marketing team to align with the corporate goals and to ensure that clients continue to be confident of the company’s products, brand image and other factors.

Key Roles:

  • To set practical targets for the client in terms of sales commitment to ensure smooth revenue stream for the company.
  • To work closely with corporate accounts in deriving short, middle and long term goals that are mutually beneficial in all areas.
  • To lead in the negotiation process for sales and to implement new initiatives that will improve profitability of the company.
  • To identify new revenue areas or corporate clients that can increase sales volume, thereby offering new and potential markets.
  • To monitor clients’ performance and sales volume, proposing new transactions where necessary to increase revenue
  • To derive innovative bundling packages for clients, offering different approaches and effective strategies to expedite sales.

  1. Full-Time
    To assist in book keeping and upkeep the account ...
    Location: Anywhere