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Brand Manager Jobs in Malaysia

Reports to: Director of Marketing

Main Function: You will be responsible for the overall market health of the brand/product assigned to you. This includes ensuring of marketing plans and initiatives that can drive stronger brand presence, higher sales and better profit margin in all markets. You will work closely with other brand managers to align with the overall branding strategy of the company and to ensure that initiatives are in place to support the sales team.

Key Duties:

  • To work with the Marketing team in aligning with the overall brand strategy of the company and derive effective marketing plans for your brand
  • To ensure both short and long term goals for the brand, creating stronger brand presence and higher visibility in all market channels.
  • To work with relevant agencies in deriving effective and impactful marketing plans and programmes which would positively affect the sales of the company
  • To ensure marketing plans and initiatives are communicated and executed effectively
  • To identify new market areas through possible collaborations with other brands in the company or industry
  • To work with Sales team in order to align with the company’s sales and marketing goals through robust and effective strategies for better competitive advantage of your brand.

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