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Plant Manager Jobs in Malaysia

Report to: General Manager

Main Function: You will responsible in the day-to-day operations of the manufacturing plant of the company. This will cover all areas involved like production, engineering, operations and others. You will lead a team of supervisors who will oversee the production lines who will report to you in terms of continuous improvement processes and other related areas.

Key Roles:

  • As the manager of the plant, you will have be responsible in the daily operations of the supply lines. You will report to the General Manager on any pressing issues that need immediate attention.
  • To identify areas for improvement in the plant and to recommend solutions and any methods that can be implemented with minimal impact
  • To ensure that all the production lines are properly carried out, maintained and services in order to maximize output as per schedule
  • To prepare and design plans that can be used on a daily basis with proper reporting by supervisors for close monitoring and reporting
  • To implement any procedures in accordance to the standards to ensure full compliance
  • To ensure sufficient supplies of material in inventory and to carry out stock ordering when necessary to avoid shortages or shortfall of production in any of the supply chain.

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