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Foreman Jobs in Malaysia

Did you know that a foreman is one of the most important persons in any construction project? Did you know that if you are a foreman, you can very much determine the success or failure of a renovation?

Best careers in foremanship

Foremanship can be achieved either by education or training. You could be a degree holder in engineering or architecture to be a foreman which would give you options into corporate companies. On the other hand, you could be trained from working for an experienced foreman and cultivate the skill-sets required. Among the jobs you can find are:

  • Electrical Consultant
  • Construction Foreman
  • Operations Foreman
  • Not a low-paying job

    It is important to know that a foreman can be highly paid. As you will be managing a team of experts or specialists, you could be the negotiator of the contract. Besides that, your management skills are required to ensure the work is delivered on time.

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