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QA Manager Jobs in Malaysia

Reports to: Chief Operating Officer

>Main Function: You will be fully responsible to ensure the quality standards of the manufacturing facilities of the company. This is crucial to the overall productivity of the manufacturing lines where you need to be aware of what the standards entail. You play a crucial role in putting in all the requirements and to ensure that all policies are adhered to, attending to any non-compliance and in the overall operations of the facility.
Key Roles:

  • To be aware of the standards implemented (ISO, etc) in the manufacturing facility.
  • To carry out checks to ensure that all the requirements of the standards are adhered to without any non-compliance.
  • To ensure that updates on standards are communicated effectively and timely to ensure the facility are operating in accordance.
  • To work closely with operation managers in delivery day-to-day targets within the best possible quality
  • You should have knowledge of all the standards involved and be able to interpret them to be implemented in the operations of the company
  • To carry out periodical audits, identifying weak or areas that need improvements and then reporting them to the top management. You will be responsible to follow-up on such recommendations and ensuring that they are duly implemented.

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