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11 May 2017

Sales Consultant

Job Description

We are proper registered company who looking for Sales/Feng Shui Consultant.


What we need from you:

Understand our products and company

Knowing our client needs

Ask if anything that not sure.


What we do not need from you:

Any experience from previous company

We do not need you to cheat or over promised your client

We do not need people who do not have patient.


We are a proper company with GST registered and looking for proper sales agent. You can join us as part time or full time. Our main product is ShengJi(种生基) by renewed Feng Shui Master of Hong Kong – Master Szeto(司徒法正). We will provide you sufficient training and lead you too success.

The Benefits of Sheng Ji

P/S: We are not any MLM company or Money Game company. We sell Feng Shui products that can help our customer improve their wealth/health/relationship or lifestyle. We welcome any type of people as long as you have the heart of learn and sell this as part time or full time. If you believe in Feng Shui, and would like to take a try in this career.

Please feel free to contact me:

Daniel Lim

016 6569 333

018 317 6366

How to Apply

In order to apply this job, you must equip with 3 criteria:
  1. Believe in Feng Shui
  2. Have the heart to help others and listen to clients needs
  3. Follow instruction of Master Szeto
If you are someone we looking for , please feel free to contact me anytime and I can meet you in our office or in anywhere near Kuala Lumpur.   Thanks and Regards, Daniel Lim 016 6569 333 018 317 6366

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